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We specialize in the design and manufacture of industrial tooling for the most varied segments of the industry. Our expertise and state-of-the-art equipment allows us to work in the manufacture of special tools and devices with high complexity and precision

Itakar Itanhandu-MG
Manufacturing & Assembly
Itakar Taubaté-SP
Design Office & Welding

Our unit in Taubaté-SP includes our Design technical staff, where we carry out design and development services for Mechanical, Electrical and Automation Designs. We also provide services of cut and fold of metal sheets.

At our unit located in Itanhandu-MG, we specialize in Welding, Machining, Inspection & Three-Dimensional Laser Assembly.

Quality Policy

Itakar, in its entrepreneurial career, is constantly seeking to operate in new markets and obtain new technologies, with management focused on the high performance of people and processes.


Itakar is committed to serving the Industry in general by providing design and manufacturing of tools, templates, jigs and devices, with the objective of constantly exceeding customer expectations, improving the effectiveness of its Quality Management System, generating positive results and ensuring success and sustainability for the Company.


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